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Exchange Offer Tax Information

Tax Information -- For those shareholders who tendered PPG shares in the exchange offer to separate PPG's commodity chemicals business and received shares of Axiall Corporation common stock in exchange, please read this document for information about transferring the tax basis in your shares of PPG common stock that were accepted in the exchange offer to the shares of Axiall common stock you received:


Exchange Offer Prospectus dated December 27, 2012

IRS Form 8937

Attachment to IRS Form 8937

You also should review Axiall Corporation's IRS Form 8937, which has been posted on Axiall Corporation's website (

Canadian Shareholders
The Canada Revenue Agency has confirmed the separation of PPG’s commodity chemicals business, completed in January of 2013, as an eligible distribution for Canadian income tax purposes. Canadian shareholders of PPG Industries, Inc. common stock will be entitled to elect under section 86.1 in respect of the distribution.

CRA Approval Letter

Tax Information Provided to Canadian Shareholders of PPG Industries, Inc.

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